????-??-?? -- Herrie 2.666: * Added: DBus support - Steve Jothen * Removed: SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 control signals * Added: Simple progress message during search and locate - Ruud Althuizen * Added: French translation - Bertrand Janin * Fixed: Case insensitive extension matching for Modplug - Hampus * Changed: Migrated to libxspf, instead of libSpiff * Added: scrobbler.hostname - Clint Adams * Added: '~' button to go back to your home directory * Added: Estonian translation - Kaupo Palo * Added: gui.ratio to change the screen ratio * Changed: Go to home directory when pressing ~ when defaultpath is unset * Added: vfs.cache to cache file system entries * Added: GStreamer format module - Bas Westerbaan * Added: Czech translation - Jakub Podlaha * Added: Reverse searching - Jille Timmermans * Changed: Use new Glib threading API 2008-10-14 -- Herrie 2.2: * Added: Ukranian translation - Viacheslav Chumushuk * Added: Option to disable yes/no questions - Viacheslav Chumushuk * Fixed: Add support for libSpiff 1.0.0 relative pathname support * Fixed: Don't write non-UTF-8 titles to disk - Peter Koeleman 2008-07-15 -- Herrie 2.1: * Added: -p switch to start playback on startup - Phillip Warner * Fixed: Crash in seek time format parsing * Added: 'F' button to jump to files in the file browser * Improved: Use OSSv4 volume adjustment API - Paulo Matias 2008-04-23 -- Herrie 2.0.2: * Improved: ALSA volume adjustment precision * Fixed: ALSA inter-process event handling - Steve Jothen 2008-04-01 -- Herrie 2.0.1: * Added: ALSA volume support - Steve Jothen * Fixed: Don't expand pathnames passed with the -c switch. 2008-03-16 -- Herrie 2.0: * Added: Brasilian Portuguese translation - Eros Carvalho * Fixed: Make vfs.lockup.chroot expand ~/ and ~user/ * Changed: Maintainer email address * Removed: Debian package infrastructure, per maintainer's request. 2008-02-12 -- Herrie 1.9.3: * Added: Support for Debian GNU/kFreeBSD * Added: Debian package infrastructure * Fixed: Shut down the application when we lose TTY input * Added: Chinese translation - Ji ZhengYu 2008-01-19 -- Herrie 1.9.2: * Removed: Native Windows support - it was incomplete anyway * Improved: Manpage reorganized to make more sense - Marcela Tiznado * Added: Finnish translation - Jorma Karvonen * Added: Danish translation - Joe Hansen * Improved: GUI scrolling performance when dealing with big playlists * Added: Switch to scroll pages up and down when selection goes out of sight 2007-12-17 -- Herrie 1.9.1: * Added: 'L' button to locate files in the current directory * Fixed: Remove almost endless recursion by not recursing on symlinks * Added: Input can be aborted pressing the escape button - Pieter-Paul Spiertz * Improved: Manual content now matches installed configuration * Fixed: Don't autoload the playlist when files are passed on the cmdline 2007-12-02 -- Herrie 1.9: * Added: Support for changing the volume * Improved: Make license of MD5 code in sync with the rest * Improved: Avoid deprecated CoreAudio calls on Leopard * Fixed: Stop processing of signals during shutdown * Added: Spanish and Catalan translations - Xavier de Blas * Added: '{' and '}' buttons to move tracks to top/bottom - Jille Timmermans 2007-09-23 -- Herrie 1.8.4: * Improved: Support for the new AudioScrobbler protocol 2007-09-02 -- Herrie 1.8.3: * Fixed: Error handling in CoreAudio when changing modes * Removed: SIGWINCH wrapper - no way for me to maintain it * Fixed: Crash in ALSA code 2007-08-24 -- Herrie 1.8.2: * Added: Support for metadata for libsndfile * Added: Vietnamese translation - Clytie Siddall 2007-07-09 -- Herrie 1.8.1: * Added: Russian translation - Moroz Sergey L. * Improved: Search function now supports extended regular expressions * Changed: Assertion checks in source code have been disabled 2007-07-01 -- Herrie 1.8: * Added: PulseAudio output module * Fixed: Close stderr on Linux when using OSS as well - Robert Buchholz * Fixed: Time display when seeking Ogg Vorbis files while being paused * Improved: Seek time when using 'J' will now be remembered * Added: Support for searching with regex(3) * Added: Irish translation - Kevin Scannell * Removed: Buggy SDL output driver - package makers want to use it * Fixed: Improve buffering behaviour of Ogg Vorbis files * Added: Native Mac OS X CoreAudio output module * Added: Native Linux ALSA output module * Fixed: Delay when a track can't be opened; prevents CPU hogging * Fixed: Seeking backward in files handled by libsndfile 2007-06-03 -- Herrie 1.7: * Fixed: Don't point files/directories starting with ~ to home directories * Fixed: Allow usage of ~/foo in playq.dumpfile * Improved: Include own MD5 implementation or use -lmd/-lmd5/-lc * Improved: Finally - a new website - lots of thanks to Ruud Jansen * Added: Remaining tracks in AudioScrobbler queue are now stored on shutdown * Added: 'f' button to retreive the full pathname of the selected item * Added: gui.input.may_quit switch to disable quit button * Added: Swedish translation - Daniel Nylander 2007-04-19 -- Herrie 1.6.1: * Added: Polish translation - Adam Golebiowski from PLD Linux * Added: Support for ~ or ~user in pathnames to go to the home directory * Improved: Automatically fill in the current directory when using 'C' * Improved: Herrie will now use LC_CTYPE for displaying tags * Fixed: Configure script won't generate targets for invalid locales * Changed: Herrie will now use ncursesw by default - use ncurses to disable * Changed: no_trans renamed to no_nls to sound more familiar 2007-04-13 -- Herrie 1.6 "First Anniversary Edition": * Added: Ability to specify the Esound hostname in the config file * Added: XSPF playlist support through libSpiff * Improved: Perform compilation test during configuration * Added: Autosaving the playlist on shutdown - Martijn van den Dungen * Changed: Playback must be manually started now - use 'x' * Improved: international bindings for yes/no questions * Added: Save playlists to disk as M3U, PLS and XSPF * Improved: Signal handling should now work more reliable * Fixed: Configuration now works on Solaris * Improved: Force MP3's with a proper extension to be matched * Added: German translation - Sebastian and Elias Pipping * Changed: DESTROOT option renamed to DESTDIR to be more conformant * Improved: 'n' will now ask for a search string if none was given * Improved: Search now continues in the other window when no match is found * Fixed: Make modplug code work on Linux - Michael * Fixed: Don't crash when charset conversion of tags fails - Michael 2007-03-10 -- Herrie 1.5.1: * Added: Global configuration file * Changed: Make the original playlist behaviour the default again * Fixed: Remove all OS-specific checks from the source-code * Fixed: Close stderr before starting playback of command line arguments 2007-02-28 -- Herrie 1.5: * Added: support for the color 'default', which is the terminal default * Added: Turkish translation - Eren Turkay * Added: Long requested feature: XMMS style playlist * Changed: Replaced some bindings with XMMS style bindings (z, x, c, v and b) * Added: 'w' button to write the playlist to disk * Added: support for libmodplug - hooray! 2007-02-11 -- Herrie 1.4: * Added: 'configure' script which creates a really compatible Makefile * Improved: Use display name when no tag is present in the file 2007-01-23 -- Herrie 1.3: * Fixed: Use UTF-8 for MP3 tags, just like Ogg Vorbis - Bertrand Janin * Improved: black and white terminal support * Added: Force refresh with ^L - fixes dtach support * Fixed: Don't leave terminal broken when chroot/setuid fails * Fixed: Show a message when the libao code cannot open the device * Added: absolute seeking with 'J' * Added: support for HTTP files and streams * Fixed: Initialize the resolver before chroot() * Added: keyboard binding to repeat the playlist * Changed: Don't unpause when seeking * Fixed: Show 'Paused' instead of 'Playing' when the song is paused * Fixed: Prevent more unneeded terminal I/O * Added: Allow single files (or URL's) to be displayed with 'c' * Added: experimental SDL Audio output code 2007-01-01 -- Herrie 1.2: * Fixed: Include for setproctitle() on Open/NetBSD * Changed: Move makefile to the root of the tarball * Added: switch to compile with XCurses * Added: dependencies file to record header file deps * Fixed: Restore our Glib GSlice fallback macros * Added: Improve Solaris Makefile defaults 2006-12-22 -- Herrie 1.1 "Christmas Edition": * Changed: Don't expand pathname of symlinks * Improved: Large rewrite of entire playlist/filebrowser code * Added: Show scrolling percentage above playlist and filebrowser * Added: Allow tracks to be paused and skipped with SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 * Fixed: Enable setproctitle() on NetBSD and OpenBSD as well * Improved: Revive Herrie 0.3 MP3 code, with seeking 2006-12-10 -- Herrie 1.0.2: * Added: ^W to delete complete words when entering search query * Added: ^U to delete entire input when entering search query * Added: 'c' in filebrowser to change the directory by entering the pathname * Fixed: Show cursor when answering questions or filling in the search query * Fixed: Discard refreshes when the playback time hasn't changed * Improved: Massively improve randomizing performance 2006-12-03 -- Herrie 1.0.1: * Fixed: Make Vorbis tag parsing less strict (match case insensitive) * Fixed: OSS and terminal resizing on OpenBSD * Fixed: terminal resizing in SIGWINCH wrapper while in chroot() 2006-11-12 -- Herrie 1.0: * Improved: Prevent whitespace in filebrowser and playlist as much as possible * Improved: Document more sourcecode with Doxygen * Improved: Display an error message when opening an audio file fails 2006-10-20 -- Herrie 0.7: * Changed: Remove all the Windows bits, add Cygwin support * Fixed: Hopefully revive the Solaris port * Improved: Finally a more sane MP3 decoder * Improved: Show hours separately when track length exceeds one hour 2006-10-10 -- Herrie 0.6: * Fixed: Make the AudioScrobbler thread wait longer when the server is down * Fixed: Remove a lot of possible race conditions on startup and shutdown * Added: LibAO audio output driver * Fixed: Proper support for Mac OS X * Fixed: Raise priority in the playback thread to prevent hickups * Fixed: CR+NL handling and allow absolute paths in playlists * Fixed: deadlock when searching the playlist 2006-09-27 -- Herrie 0.5: * Changed: Split off header files to make abstraction in Herrie more clear * Fixed: the gettext code to allow translations of the application * Added: '[' and ']' which allow you to move songs up and down in the playlist * Fixed: Make the statbar less flickery * Fixed: Don't double-fclose() MP3 files - Bjorge Dijkstra 2006-09-13 -- Herrie 0.4: * Fixed: HTTP escaping in AudioScrobbler submissions * Added: Mutt-like search feature * Fixed: Make Herrie work with older versions of glib (2.6.x for example) * Fixed: libsndfile code on big endian platforms * Changed: Move libmad/libid3tag code to a separate library - libmp3file * Improved: M3U support - read titles from #EXTINF lines * Added: PLS support 2006-08-28 -- Herrie 0.3: * Improved: Glibify even more parts of the source code * Added: 'delete all' button (D) * Improved: seeking and progress to libsndfile code 2006-08-19 -- Herrie 0.2: * Improved: error messages when playq fails to initialize * Changed: Remove Auto* and use a regular GNU Makefile * Fixed: GCC 2.95 compatibility (FreeBSD 4.x) * Added: AudioScrobbler support * Added: message bar at the bottom of the screen * Added: manual page 2006-08-01 -- Herrie 0.1: * Added: Initial release 2006-04-13 -- Herrie project founded.