Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
audio_fileThe data needed about an audio file
audio_formatAudio format containg its functions to open, close, read and seek the format
config_entryStructure containing a single configuration entry of the application
DBusServerPer-DBusServer instance private data
DBusServerClassDBusServer class private data
gui_bindingA simple binding from a keyboard character input to a function
gui_vfslistGraphical presentation of a vfslist
httpstreamDatastructure with HTTP stream buffer
md5_contextInternal state of the MD5 hash calculation
modplug_drv_dataPrivate data for libmodplug stored in the audio file structure
mp3_drv_dataPrivate MP3 data stored in the audio file structure
playq_funcsRoutines that should be used to control the playlist
scrobbler_entryAn entry in the AudioScrobbler queue, ready to be submitted to AudioScrobbler
vfsentA VFS entity is an object representing a single file or directory on disk. Each VFS entity is handled by some kind of VFS module. By default, a VFS entity only contains the filename and a reference count. It must be manually populated to get its actual contents
vfslistList structure that can contain a lot of VFS references
vfsmatchCompiled regular expression or string matching data
vfsmoduleModule representing a type of file or directory on disk, containing functions to read its contents (populate it)
vfsrefReference to a VFS entity including list pointers
vfswriterPlaylist writing module object. Matching is performed by extension
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