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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
audio_file.c [code]Generic access and decoding of audio file formats
audio_file.h [code]Generic access and decoding of audio file formats
audio_format.h [code]Audio file format specific decompression routines
audio_format_modplug.c [code]Libmodplug decompression routines
audio_format_mp3.c [code]MP3 decompression routines
audio_format_sndfile.c [code]Libsndfile decompression routines
audio_format_vorbis.c [code]Ogg Vorbis decompression routines
audio_output.h [code]Audio output abstraction
audio_output_alsa.c [code]ALSA audio output driver
audio_output_ao.c [code]Libao audio output driver
audio_output_coreaudio.c [code]Apple CoreAudio audio output driver
audio_output_null.c [code]Fake audio output driver
audio_output_oss.c [code]OSS audio output driver
audio_output_pulse.c [code]PulseAudio audio output driver
config.c [code]Configuration file handling
config.h [code]Configuration file handling
conftest.c [code]
dbus.c [code]DBus integration
dbus.h [code]DBus integration
gui.h [code]Public textual user interface control routines
gui_browser.c [code]File browser in textual user interface
gui_draw.c [code]Initialization, destruction and rendering functions for interface
gui_input.c [code]Keyboard and signal input for user interface
gui_internal.h [code]Internal textual user interface routines
gui_msgbar.c [code]Message logging for textual user interface
gui_playq.c [code]Playlist management for textual user interface
gui_vfslist.c [code]Generic directory/playlist display for textual user interface
gui_vfslist.h [code]Generic directory/playlist display for textual user interface
main.c [code]Application startup routine
md5.c [code]MD5 hashing
md5.h [code]MD5 hashing
playq.c [code]Playlist handling
playq.h [code]Playlist handling
playq_modules.h [code]Custom playlist behaviour routines
playq_party.c [code]Party-mode playlist handling
playq_xmms.c [code]XMMS-style playlist handling
scrobbler.c [code]AudioScrobbler submission
scrobbler.h [code]AudioScrobbler submission
stdinc.h [code]
util.c [code]General utility functions
util.h [code]General utility functions
vfs.c [code]Virtual filesystem
vfs.h [code]Virtual filesystem
vfs_http.c [code]HTTP file access
vfs_modules.h [code]Virtual filesystem access modules
vfs_playlist.c [code]M3U and PLS playlist file access
vfs_regular.c [code]Regular on-disk file and directory access
vfs_xspf.c [code]XSPF file access
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